Company Philosophy - Where Business Meets Emotion

emOcean (pronounced e-motion) was founded by Lauren Seufert in early 2018. Her mission is to support leaders and individuals in attaining a higher self-awareness, empathy, curiosity, and overall inclusive behaviors in both work and life.  By focusing on integrating more EQ (emotional intelligence), soft skills, and successful mindsets and behaviors into employee and leadership development plans, we can transform individuals and teams into highly connected and high performing organizations.  


emOcean supports leaders in their quest for inspiring and authentic leadership, all while working towards creating aligned purpose and an inclusive environment.  This transformation enables tremendous growth, improves employee engagement and results in higher impact.  By combining strategic and operational business leadership experience with coaching & consulting techniques, emOcean strives to bring content and relational work together to achieve organizational excellence.


emOcean focuses on 3 core areas to support your individual or organizational needs:


Personal and Business Leadership Coaching for Individuals

High Performance Team Coaching & Consulting

Organizational Transformation Consulting


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emOcean Transformation Triangle

emOcean has come up with a specific methodology that is applied for both individual leaders as well as teams and larger organizations.  For more information on how to apply this and get immediate and sustainable results, please contact us ! 

emOcean Coaching & Consulting, LLC