Rebirth is just around the corner

Although many of us are still in the midst of cold snow and ice (my fellow NJ/NY friends!), many of us are just weeks away from birds starting to chirp and flowers starting to bloom. In Germany, the days are warm & mild... an indication of another potentially hot summer season.


I love the changing seasons. To me, it is a reminder that rebirth and renewed growth always comes again.  No matter how cold or dark our winters, we can always remain hopeful that spring will come; the sun will shine and we will again be surrounded with bright colors.


Like the trees and plants that have been bare the last months, and the animals that have gone away for a long "winterschlaf",  we all deserve to take a break and recharge in the darkness.  Like flowers, we don't always need to be in full bloom the entire year.  Our bodies, our minds, our souls sometimes need to be resting silently and gearing up for what will be another high growth and colorful season.


So enjoy the remainder of the winter months.  Enjoy the short days and sometimes grey, gloomy skies. Pretty soon, the sun will shine with warmth, and you will be once again in full bloom.

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