If you only knew....

So its been about 1 year since I worked my last day at BASF.  Originally planning on just a yearlong sabbatical, my journey led me to officially resign and start a new career and life chapter outside of corporate.  


So many thanks for all of you that have been following my blog posts and articles over the past year.  I get a ton of energy out of helping people to connect with their best selves through enhanced self awareness and reflection.  Having gone through a major transformation myself, I find joy in supporting as many people as I can in finding their true passions, and living a life aligned with their values and purpose. 


We all tend to portray on social media all of the good stuff, and I am also guilty of this.  You have seen me post pictures of people jumping for joy, celebrating certifications and successes, and facilitating workshops with energetic and engaged colleagues. We tend to post the moments in time that convey the positive elements of our journeys.


However, I also want you know that there have also been not such awesome moments in mine. What you all haven’t seen are the days I have been down on myself.  The emotional days and sleepless nights.  When I have made mistakes.  When I have lost clients.  When I have misjudged other's positive intentions.  When I have had to start from scratch.  When I lost faith.  When my positive intentions have been ignored.  When I have been criticized.  When I have felt alone.  When I have questioned my decision to leave corporate.  When I have questioned my own self worth.


So although I believe it is important that we show and celebrate our successes, we should be careful not to paint picture of greatness that becomes impossible for ourselves and others to attain.   We all should remember that transformation isn’t easy.  There will be dark days. There will be days we need to kick our own saboteur’s ass.  There will be days that we should both mourn and celebrate our past experiences. The ones that led us to exactly where we are today.  These are the moments that help us learn, grow, and create.


And there should be nothing to fear. When we can embrace and accept all of what comes (the light and the dark), we always can get up the energy and strength to dust off and get back up again.  


Believe in yourself.  Transformation is possible and while the journey is not always perfect and fun, the results can be what you ultimately have longed for. 

emOcean Coaching & Consulting, LLC