Words Matter

Instead of spending Easter weekend this year with family, my husband and I decided to visit Auschwitz.  A place that generates many different emotions like fear, anger, shame, sadness, hate and shock. Emotions that are difficult to be with; however, ones that provoke thought, reflection and a longing for deeper understanding of “why”.


I cannot imagine how innocent people that have been impacted so dramatically by the horrific acts of camps must have suffered.


One of our biggest takeaways last weekend was that all of it…….it started with words.  Propaganda and words of discrimination and hate.


Words can be powerful. Words can manipulate. Words generate emotions. Words can bring people together, or tear them apart.  


Freedom of speech is a blessing. We should respect this great freedom that we have. It is not always easy, but we should attempt to choose words that exude love over hate.


My husband and I will remind each other everyday and those around us that words matter.  We need to act as role models in our environments. Imagine the impact we can have.


Words matter.  

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