Upon doing some values reflection with my clients, I tend to notice some patterns. In particular, I find that people wish they would experience more of four core values when communicating with others on critical topics.  They are honesty, empathy, acceptance and love.  I can't help but to notice what they values spell...  HEAL.  An easy acronym to think of!


Next time you are discussing something with someone that may be challenging, think back to this word, H.E.A.L. While we can't always control how others may behave, we can make the first step in conveying the values we wish to live.  


Imagine a world where we are honest with one another without being hurtful, empathetic to others feelings, accepting of differing viewpoints, and all while coming from a place of love.  


What a world that could be.  Let us HEAL together.

emOcean Coaching & Consulting, LLC