The winds of change

Another season of change, another year coming to a close.  When the leaves start to change colors, it can remind us that everything eventually comes to an end, nothing is permanent, and that new seeds are being sown for a new cycle of rebirth.


I love to help people navigate change.  Whether it be individuals in their personal or professional lives, or larger teams and organizations going through transformations… one thing is consistent: Change is all around us, and it can be hard. 


Some of us love change and do everything to ensure it remains part of our daily lives. Others prefer stability and struggle a bit more with having to re-adjust to the new circumstances so frequently.  We all need our own individualized balance of change and stability.  We all define that balance differently, which makes bringing people together when things are transient all the more challenging.  


As I approach my 40th birthday, I am constantly re-evaluating my own personal balance when it comes to change and stability. The last 2 years brought more change than I expected with not only major career transitions.... to balancing a hectic family and work life on 2 continents.  For most, my lifestyle is not relatable. To most, my change/ stability balance seems out of whack.   At times, I also felt this was the case.  At times, I craved more stability… and a simper life where my days were routinely programmed based on someone else’s agenda.


However when I look back at the last 2 years, I have a tremendous sense of pride regarding the uneven balance that I maintained. Even though my balance was tilted more towards change, growth was the primary outcome.  When I say growth, I don’t just mean in regards to my new business or my learning, but with regards to self-awareness, self-love, and becoming the best version of myself according to my own standards. I now can proudly say I live in line with my values each and every day, and make decisions based on my intuition and experiences, and from a place of love and not fear.  The out of whack "change/stability" balance was necessary in order for this growth to happen.


So when you feel your change/stability balance is out of whack… ask yourself the following questions:


1. What does your current change/ stability balance look like today? 

2. Are your desired personal growth ambitions able to occur with the current balance?

3. What changes are necessary in order to get closer to the life you want to live?

4. If there is too much change, what are some positive things that will come out of this transformation?

5. What can more stability give you and how can this help you to achieve the life you want?


We all know what is best for our optimal performance and well-being. Some days we are more in line with our needs, others not. However one thing will always be… the balance is never 100% perfect. And we must remember the people around us have a  different balance, with different needs and goals.  We are not all the same, and this makes life rich and wonderful.


So embrace your balance, embrace the change that comes with it… and positive growth and transformation will follow.


emOcean Coaching & Consulting, LLC