Transforming focus from profits to purpose

How do we change or transform our organization to a place of aligned purpose and high engagement?  A place where people are excited to come to work on Monday mornings, perform at their best and deliver top results.   Sometimes our organizations are toxic or diseased with negative energy that they make people not look forward to their Monday mornings.  My vision is to help clients like this to heal and transform from a mindset of TGIF to TGIM (Monday!)  


Many organizations spend time and energy creating and promoting an internal slogan or communication campaign on the way they would like the organization to be.  However, in some cases employees experience something different on a daily basis.  The genetic makeup of a company is a combination of mindsets, beliefs, behaviors that have developed over time. Changing the state of the organization requires work at a deep cellular and personal level.  Just like healing ourselves when we are sick or have a disease, positive thoughts or declaratory statements alone do not always work.   


Like a nervous system, all employees of an organization are inter-connected. The energy that we transmit to one another is contagious.  Our mindset, mood and actions can not only be seen and heard, but they are often felt.  If you say one thing and do another, it creates a thought and an emotion. If the two are not aligned, it can result in eroded trust and disengaged employees.


In many cases of change, leaders are looking for a quick fix or logical process that takes us from point A to point B.   I have seen many change management projects in my career fail. Primarily, because the change does not take into account the science, emotions and spirit that is required to move individuals.  As human beings, we are programmed with certain thought processes, behaviors and patterns that are subconsciously wired. Rewiring our people and our organizations takes work, time, commitment and practice.  Most importantly it takes emotional work on individual and team levels.  


The emotional work and investment during an organizational transformation can eventually be measured and justified.  There are more organizations now doing the research to prove it.  By transforming negative behaviors and patterns into positive ones by applying proven business coaching and consulting tools, engagement will levels go up. Retention rates increase, efficiency improves, and eventually customers feel the impact of employees driven by purpose rather than profits.  


Join my mission and learn how to HEAL your organization. Your employees and bottom line will be grateful.




emOcean Coaching & Consulting, LLC