The Paradox of Technology

Relationships vs. Connections


My follower count increased this year, my relationships suffered.  As I worked very hard to create a network of connections and followers online that were interested in my thoughts and content, I spent more time behind the screen than in front of real people.  While many of my followers are people I know well and have met personally… many are not.  I am not sure if I will ever meet them.  While spreading my word globally to many people is satisfying, I want to make sure it doesn’t come at the expense of making an impact on those in my direct vicinity.


Is technology just something to take away from meaningful relationships and emotional connections?


Content vs. Clicks


I am sometimes very intrigued by how these platforms are used and what a majority of its users value.  Many times pictures are posted of someone at a business dinner, taking a selfie with team mates, or a video of an animal rescue. These posts are getting hundreds, sometimes thousands of clicks, likes, & comments.  A thoughtful article with research and a lot of content, not so much.   Anything that requires more than 30 seconds is usually passed over.  However, the platform gives us the ability like never before to share thought provoking ideas…. why are we wasting its capability on basic mind numbing distractions?


Is technology just something to distract us from our daily routines and quiet our minds?


Creativity vs. Entertainment


Reading a story or book allows us to create. It gives us time and space to think about expansion on the possibilities and ideas that an author puts in front of us.  However, we don’t give ourselves this time.  We would rather get the shortened summary.  We would rather a 2 minute video clip with images and music that gets the point across by appealing to our basic senses. Things like creativity, curiosity, and intuition are being stripped from us without us even knowing it for the sake of entertainment and saving time. 


Is technology just something to stimulate our senses and placate our neurochemical needs? 


We have access to one of the most amazing technological advancements (the internet, social media, knowledge sharing globally) with easy searches and connections.  Amazing !  We have a tool that can enhance our life… and build on our ability as humans to connect, advance our knowledge and create ideas.


I am positive that we can reap the positive benefits together while maintaining our individual strengths.  

We just need to continue being human to do so...


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