The Future of Coaching ?

I am only a few years into coaching as a profession full time. I can not help to notice that I have entered this space in a time of turbulent change and transformation.   There are so many different coaching philosophies, opinions and approaches out there that all come together to create what “is” at this moment.  Face to face, online coaching, on-demand platform coaching?  I have realized that disruption is not only happening to the large and established industries, but to coaching as well. 


Uber and other on-demand transport apps have changed forever the taxi Cab and transportation landscape. Digital platforms and apps are also changing the coaching space.


I am blessed to be part of a few different platforms that I have purposely selected based on my values and those that I feel are set up for future growth and success. Through these platforms I have had the great opportunity to work with amazing people from all around the world…  No matter what time of day or on what continent, my clients and I find a chance to connect and make together tremendous progress.   


We talk about things such as purpose, values, behaviors, emotions and personal growth.  We talk about real things that make real impact in business and in life.  And we do this in many cases multiple timezones apart.  Technology has made this possible.  And not just technology, but great minds and developers that link tech with purpose. Using it to help people get access to support and resources with the click of a button.  


There are some nay-sayers out there. With major disruption this is always the case.  However, I have seen this new approach work across generations, across industries, and across regions.  The way that a large majority of Millennials and Gen Z communicate is fast, on demand, and via technology.  With a change in composition of the workforce, many companies are signing on.  Retention and engagement rates are going up as a result.


As a GenX er myself, I had my doubts. How can you create a genuine and authentic connection over a digital platform in just a few sessions.  I have been proven wrong. The connections with my clients are as strong as ever. With every session, we make progress. We connect. We dream. We challenge beliefs.  We create attainable goals. We become better versions of ourselves with every interaction.


Change is happening. The future looks bright. Coaching at scale is the future……join the movement.


Lauren Seufert 


emOcean Coaching & Consulting, LLC