Feeding the monster?

I made a conscious decision recently to feed my soul with more positivity.  2020 has been quite a year for everyone and while I try to navigate the trauma and suffering caused by COVID and other unjust events with a sense of compassion and reflection on what I can contribute, I also have my days of powerlessness.  Sometimes we need to fill up our cups with some hope and spirit in order to be our best selves.  Most importantly, we need to access that spirit in us to help create the changes in our world that we want to see.  I am convinced that if we all want to make a major difference, we can only do this from a resonant place of love and hope, not fear and anger.


What are you feeding your soul with?  What are you taking in less of?  We have the choice of what we feed our minds. We can  do this more consciously by not just scrolling through our apps and social feeds on autopilot.  By managing our inputs, we can support our ability to react. We can not tune out to reality or eliminate the stresses completely, however in many instances we do have the choice of how much we take in and react upon.  


Some ideas that can be implemented immediately:


1) Monitor what you click on and the emotions the content creates.  If most of the input is negative, perhaps reassessing your habitual sources of news and/or entertainment is necessary.  Look into other apps or resources that include in addition a source of light and relaxation.


2) Did you read or listen to something that triggered emotions of anger, hate, fear or powerless?  Recognize this.  Take a break, go for a walk, put on some positive music, cook a meal, light a candle or most importantly change your environment if you can.  When we are stuck in our negative thoughts and emotions, changing our environments (our sensual experiences) can create new emotional / chemical signals ... therefore helping to create new and more resonant thoughts.  


3) Come up with a daily routine or ritual that brings you regularly back to what I call your "good place".  Of course, we will always experience negative emotions throughout our days, however getting stuck in them is where the challenges lie.  If you don't know what your "good place" is or how to get there, a coach or therapist may be able to help you. 


The world needs more of your best self in order to go and make more of an impact and difference!  If you want to explore further how to turn this idealism into action, please reach out to us.


Be well, 

Lauren Seufert 

emOcean Coaching & Consulting, LLC