More Impulses, More Distraction - The future of Creativity

Back in 1998 when I was on campus at the University of Virginia, if I wanted to know something I needed to walk myself to the library.  Hard to recall the days where knowledge and sources of information were only available in limited places.  Now, with a few easy searches and clicks, we can spend hours researching topics and getting access to amazing art, knowledge and literature.  20 years ago, this ease of research seemed unimaginable.


However, what comes as a downside to this unlimited source of inputs that can fuel our appetite for growth and creativity? 

You probably guessed it.....



What allowed Mozart to create the wonderful works of art that he did?  Or paintings by da Vinci that line the walls of the Louvre or other great museums?  The wisdom of great philosophers like Kant or psychologists like Wundt?  Scientists like Graham Bell?    


You probably also guessed these....

Time, patience, stillness & focus


With all of the great advancements in technology, are we able to self-manage and allow for all of the inputs to settle?  Are we able to leverage the great access we have and at the same time give ourselves the space to create something ourselves?


We have the potential to exponentially create life-changing art and science.  Lately, it seems a lot of this creative energy is going into even more advancements in technology, which has its great benefits. However, what are we doing to balance this out and ensure that the human elements of creativity are not lost?


These questions are what my research and coaching practices explore.   I support clients to ensure creativity and growth continues to be possible for all of us. Our potential is great if only we are self-aware of the changes quickly happening around us.


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Lauren Seufert 


I talk about this concept of balancing digital progress with human capacities more in my book, True Connection.      If you are interested to learn more,  please order your copy on Amazon today.  Thank you!!



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