The Continuing Climb of 2020

It just so happens that several of my clients started their coaching journeys with me in the February timeframe.  After setting some ambitious growth targets for 2020 both personally and professionally, February seemed like a great time to get some support and to make sure these visions for their life became a reality. Working from 2 continents and having a very busy travel schedule, my main challenge back in February was how I would manage all of my work with time changes, frequent travel, and high client demands from 2 sides of the ocean. 


However, 2020 had other plans for much of us across the globe. What seemed important and relevant back then, may or may not have remained the same for all of us.  We have all been forced to pause and ask ourselves....... "What does this situation want to tell me? What has been sustainable? What needs to perhaps change? What do I want to bring with me into this new lifestyle and what will keep me going through all of this?"


Many of the topics with my clients as you can imagine have been around managing the stress and emotions of the challenging situation.  Many sessions were filled with uncertainty, fear, sadness, loneliness, and heartbreak.   As a coach, being there with them and going through the same experiences myself certainly had its challenges, as I knew they needed someone strong that would hold a safe space for their struggles and support them in finding solutions.  I myself learned about my ability to self-manage and stay resilient, especially when coming from a place of service and compassion.  I was luckily able to tap into my best self to meet their expectations.  We are all sometimes stronger and more resilient than we think....


In most cases not only did the client come out of the call feeling better and more prepared to face their challenges, I as well was more energized, more connected and more in tune with myself and what I needed to continue being a strong coach, wife, stepmom, daughter, and friend.  The conversations were a place for truth, for vulnerability, for sharing, and for looking into the unknown future with a sense of hope and vision to create a better version of ourself and our world.


Here are some of my personal lessons strengthened by my client experiences that I wanted to share with you as we continue to navigate this crisis:

  • Resilience is built up by facing the deep and dark emotions.  It is easy to avoid them... however this situation has made it much more difficult to hide. And although sometimes difficult, everything is impermanent.  Life will get better. Perspectives will change.  Hope will eventually resurface. 
  • Emotional regulation can be significantly improved with "presence" or mindfulness.  I have witnessed this with so many clients.  If you focus on building up this muscle, it has ripple effects on every part of your life.  
  • Compassion for others must start with the self.   We can not help others if we are not in a good place ourselves.  As much as we are wired to be there for everyone else, we need to first make sure our tanks are full.  Take the time you need to ensure this is the case.   Not only will you be in a better place yourself, but all of your colleagues and loved ones will also be grateful.  

As I had to say good-bye to some of my clients the last weeks and wrap up their 6 month journeys, I have a great sense of pride, gratitude and love.  All of these relationships have given me just as much as I hope to have given them during this challenging time.  It was amazing to see them grow, lead, develop and stay optimistic to find solutions in what has been a testing moment for everyone. We will all look back at 2020, and remember who helped to get us through.  I am grateful for all of those tough conversations, and know that we all came out somehow stronger and ready to fight for a better future.


If you would like more information on building up resilience as well as mindfulness tools, please reach out.  Would love to start a journey to help you create your best life. 


Lauren Seufert 




emOcean Coaching & Consulting, LLC