17. October 2020
We live in a world where we unintentionally are outsourcing our choices to technology more and more. With the influence of social media, we are able to let Spotify determine our song choice, Instagram determine the pictures we look at, Facebook determine our news feed, or LinkedIn what articles you consume (so here you are). While many of us may feel we are in control, it is helpful to take time to reflect on how intentional we are being with our consumption and how to take back our choices.

21. September 2020
Being sensitive is typically not used in a positive context....especially in business! However, leaders are being asked more and more to tap into their empathy, which can be an emotional regulation challenge if "high sensitivity" is a temperament trait. Read how combining these two powerful traits can lead to even more effective inspiration and connection as a leader if used effectively.

07. August 2020
As my clients and I reflect on some of our journeys together over the last 6 months, it indeed brings up lots of interesting emotions and thoughts as to what has transpired in such a short time. As much as it has brought its challenges, this situation has been an opportunity for many to learn more about themselves, their life situations, and their desired future.

17. July 2020
As a leadership and team coach, one of the first steps that I take is to create a unified team; a team that shares a vision, a set of joint guiding principles or values, and an inclusive atmosphere based on trust and perspective sharing. Without this first critical step, it becomes almost impossible to tackle complex strategic and operational challenges. See how this framework can apply for your organization, or the society in which you operate.

16. June 2020
Technology has given us access to so much information. Podcasts, videos, articles, blogs.... all at our fingertips with a few easy searches and clicks. With all of this inspiration, our inquisitive & creative minds are on fire. At the same time, we are so easily distracted with the next best piece of information. How can we ensure we leverage this great access to our benefit, and not let the constant influx prohibit us from building on and/or creating even more impactful art or science?

09. June 2020
With all of the negativity and heartbreaking news of late, it is important that we don't get sucked in to the dissonant emotions. Only by tapping back into resonant emotions like love and compassion can we be our best selves to create the change we want to see in the world. Sounds hard? It is.... read on.

29. May 2020
We are more and more faced with differences of opinion based on different views, values, ideologies, and sometimes even "facts". How can we maintain an inclusive environment, and at the same time ensure that people's opinions are heard, respected and debated without getting ugly?

23. April 2020
Sometimes just taking one day to be with our emotions can bring us back to who we truly want to be.....

26. March 2020
After days of avoiding the supermarket, I realized I needed to finally get out there today. I got in my car and for the first time really thought about this experience of going food shopping. Should I go now? Will it be crowded? Am I putting my family at risk? Somehow just being out in public has given many of us an anxiety like no other. Social distancing, face masks, police out on the streets. Things are not normal, and we don't know when life as we know it will resume.... As I pulled up to...

02. March 2020
The feeling of powerlessness seems to be the new normal of late. Whether the topic is climate change, political polarization or recent health scares... life seems to be more chaotic than ever. The massive exposure to the media and constant stream of global reporting doesn't make it any easier. When we feel like things are out of our control, we can focus on a few strategies to reduce our feelings of powerlessness, and create a sense of hope for a future we want to create.

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