Meet the Founder

Often referred to by her clients as the "Business Buddha",  Lauren Seufert integrates her passions of mindfulness, presence, purpose and meaning into all of her work.  In an effort to transform businesses into more conscious organizations seeking to benefit society in more ways than just profit, she works with leaders and large teams to instill new mindsets and behaviors that will lead us into a new and optimistic future.


Lauren has always been very passionate about making sure every individual and / or organization achieves their optimum potential.  By exploring awareness, values, connection and purpose, she supports individuals in achieving higher levels of conscious leadership in both their work and personal lives.  When working with teams, she facilitates curiosity, empathetic communication and inclusion.  Bringing the relational elements into strategic dialogue not only results in higher engagement and well being, but in increased sustainable and measurable impact.


Having worked with individuals spanning 40+ countries, Lauren has a strong desire for helping to build bridges and enable connection across continents.  In particular in times of difficult strategic projects or change initiatives, it is critical to have a vision and inspiring leadership to support sustainable transformation. Her coaching leadership style and passion to incorporate "emotions" into a technical / business environment was the inspiration behind emOcean Coaching and Consulting.   


"In the end, all of us are individuals looking for passion, purpose and valuable impact & contribution.  Many of us that have a career in the business world, are focused much of our days on solving technical and complex problems, with limited time for true connection and emotional fulfillment from our work."


As our world and business environments are becoming more complex, uncertain and ever-changing, a new level of leadership will required to lead our businesses and most importantly our people.  We all look for work environments that inspire us for continuous growth, innovation, that lead to successful transformation.  Lauren's mission is to help individuals and their corporations achieve that both personally and professionally.


Lauren is an author, speaker, and certified coach of the International Coaching Federation (ICF).  She is also certified in Systems Relations Group Coaching & Change Management for large organizations.  She is working with both individuals and companies across the globe and is currently headquartered in Basel, Switzerland. 


Prior to founding emOcean, Lauren spent almost 20 years in the Chemical and Pharma industries with her last position being a Global Business Director at a Fortune 500 Company. With a BS in Chemical Engineering and a Masters in Business Administration, she has held several global business leadership positions based in North America and Europe. 

Lauren's Client Experience

Reference & Testimonials

Lauren has coached top executives and teams in start ups, mid size as well as Fortune 500 companies and with individuals across 40+ countries.  She has consulted on large global change projects spanning operational business, strategic marketing, sales, procurement, IT, and communications.


“Lauren has been my coach for almost a year now. During this period our startup has doubled in headcount and customers, so I have to navigate a lot of growth and challenges. Lauren has been a great partner to me and she has helped me navigate all of these different changes. This includes my personal development, interactions with the board and relationships with the executive team. Lauren helps me ask the right questions and think through the various situations from different perspectives. I can highly recommend Lauren as a coach for any other startup founder.”

 CEO & Founder —Software / CyberSecurity -  Silicon Valley, USA



"Lauren is inciteful, passionate and empathetic. I had the pleasure of participating in a workshop she facilitated for our leadership team. The concepts were simple, teams that understand each other and themselves at an emotional and motivative level work better together. Getting a team of globally displaced, successful yet independent leaders to embrace and enter into those simple concepts however is a lot more complicated. This is where Lauren's talent and passion really shine. She truly believes in embracing the diversity of mindsets and with great curiosity and deft, brought us into that passion as well." 

Head of Digital Content Strategy, Global Pharma / LifeSciences Company


"It was specifically through my coaching sessions with Lauren that made me wonder “why not?”…or “why not me?”. I learned not to talk myself out of things but to boldly try.  I now look at changes not with fear, but with opportunity. I personally, came away from sessions with Lauren so empowered, and I believe that she is extremely gifted with being able to inspire people; not to mention as a profound example of taking bold risks and following your dreams."

Marketing Director, Fortune 500 Chemical Company 


I have known Lauren in her role as a speaker in our Big & Growing New Work Festival that took place in November 2019 in Munich for the first time. In a peer group of more than 60 sessions in and around Munich, it was easy to evaluate the quality of Lauren's presentation. Lauren stood out as a speaker, communicator, and an expert, delivering a smooth, informative, and comprehensive presentation with a memorable twist. She is authentic and passionate about her topic. I can only recommend her as a speaker and hope to welcome her at the Big 6 Growing New Work Festival anytime again in the future.

CEO & Founder, Tech Startup


"Lauren is a proven leader with sound and extensive leadership experience; her credentials speak for it. What these credentials do not disclose however, is the fact that she is one of those few leaders who at the same time also possesses a down-to-earth simplicity, a next-door-girl humility and a polite yet very deep level of kindness towards others. Lauren has a personality with courage of conviction and strength of determination, working very hard towards achieving desired positive outcomes for her clients. She has got everything it takes to be a great coach and trainer, which she already is. So, anyone who is seeking help from a professionally trained and experienced leader, trainer and coach, definitely Lauren would be a highly reliable and strongly recommended choice." 

Engineering Manager, Multinational Chemical Company 


“Today’s session was amazing.  It has helped me to gain focus again on the things that I can influence. Talking with Lauren helps me to gain clarity in some challenging areas and am now creating a new base to jump off for the next sessions!”

CFO, Fortune 500 BioPharma Company





Partners & Resources

emOcean Coaching and Consulting partners with several freelance certified coaches and consultants from around the globe to support organizations with their specific employee and team needs.  


Depending on project size, timing and cultural requirements, emOcean will make an assessment if freelance partners are required. Please contact us for more info.


In case you are a professional coach or change consultant interested in growing your business network, please reach out to Lauren Seufert here.

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