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True Transformation - Embracing the Power of Paradox to Inspire Change

In this book on conscious and mindful leadership, Lauren will explore how to incorporate elements neuroscience, behavioral psychology and spirituality into our organizations in order to achieve remarkable transformation.   This radical transformation that occurs on an individual and organizational level if done properly can result in higher levels of engagement,  performance, and cultures driven by purpose and higher meaning.   Only by understanding and embracing polarities and paradox (the world of tension and grey) can one really embark on a sustainable and transformative journey both personally and professionally.  Explore in this book together with Lauren how to lean into daily practices that will support you in this journey.



True Connection - Rediscovering Ourselves in a Distracting Digital World 


The world is changing quickly. Technology has taken over our lives and changed how we interact and communicate with one another in both work and personal life. Most importantly, it has distracted us from one the most important things: basic human connection.  In True Connection, we will explore together some fundamental questions that we face as a society. How is technology changing how we go about our daily lives and how we communicate? Has our ability to constantly be connected made us more fulfilled or made us more lonely? Are emotions now best expressed via texts and emoticons, or face to face?  What are these developments doing not only to connections with each other, but most importantly to ourselves?  


True Connection is a book for anyone looking to have deeper and more fulfilling connections in their life.  The strategies in this book can be applied in both personal and work life.... and strives to make a powerful difference in the life of anyone that reads it!



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Sherry Turkle is one of the several researchers who were a great inspiration for the content of True Connection. Check out her short video here, highlighting one of the main themes of the book.

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