Where ever you are in your journey towards personal excellence, emOcean is ready to accompany and support you via one-on-one professional coaching.  Becoming a great leader within both your personal and professional life takes hard work, a lot of courage, and most of all a life long commitment to self-awareness and personal development.


What is your brand as an individual and/or leader? What are your personal values that guides your decisions and actions? What do you want to contribute most in line with your unique strengths?  What fulfills or inspires you in your daily interactions with people? How can you make more impact in your business or personal environment?  How can you start living more mindfully and moving towards your highest goals and dreams? 


emOcean integrates strategic business acumen, leadership experiences and certified coaching techniques.  By tailoring the approach to the needs of the client, emOcean ensures that we align on the overall target of the overall experience. 


What emOcean offers:

  • Individual coaching sessions with personal or business focus 
    • Resilience Coaching
    • Decisive Leadership Coaching
    • Courageous Leadership Coaching
    • Mindful Leadership Coaching
    • Defining your Vision & Brand Coaching
    • Emotional Regulation & Stress Mgt. Coaching 
    • Life coaching 
  • Strategic business consulting / coaching for leaders
  • Transition coaching into a promotion/new role
  • Temperament & Motivator assessments for leaders and individuals
  • Feedback surveys / 360 / Leadership pulse checks

These are all topics that we can explore together with you or members of  your organization.   By enhancing true, honest self awareness and commitment, organizations can generate and multiply truly effective and impactful leaders.  


Let's explore this together! You are only steps away from powerful transformation. Contact us today.

emOcean Coaching & Consulting, LLC